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$850 Value

24/7 Fast Response Monitoring by Trained Professionals

Having a professionally installed ADT monitored alarm system in your Melbourne FL home may prove to be faster in getting assistance to your Melbourne home than even dialing 911. ADT has four monitoring centers interconnected throughout the nation, operating around-the-clock. Professionally licensed, safety-trained dispatchers staff each station. ADT is ready and trained to help handle any emergency your Melbourne home may have. More information available from Home Security in Palm Bay.

Low Monthly Monitoring Fees

Home Security Melbourne offers their basic monitoring package to Melbourne customers for a low $36.99 per month, which is about $1 a day. Customers of Melbourne can also get the most popular ADT monitoring package in their Melbourne home, the two-way voice, for a few dollars more. ADT has over 130 years of experience in home security, making them the best choice for your Melbourne home's security. Also take a look at great security packages from Home Security in Vero Beach.

FREE* $850 Home Security System

*With $99 customer installation charge and purchase of alarm monitoring.

ADT will provide customers of Melbourne with a FREE ADT monitored home security system, valued at $850, if they sign up for 36 months of service. Considering all the great benefits you get from ADT, this is probably something you would do anyway! All you pay is the low $99 activation fee and a new system will be professionally installed in your Melbourne home. The security equipment is yours to keep after 36 months. Check out more information from Home Security in Clearwater.

Easy-to-Use Security System

ADT monitored home security equipment is very easy to use. The wireless keychain remote allows you to easily arm and disarm your entire system in a few seconds. If you have forgotten to arm the system before leaving, you can do it from outside, or in the car. When the ADT technicians professionally install the system in your Melbourne home, they will make sure all the monitoring features are properly functioning on the control panel for your convenience. You may also want to consider Home Security in Tampa.

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ADT Home Security Melbourne Packages

  Two-way Voice Package Basic Package with Keyfob Cell Primary Package
*or approved digital service.
**phone line not required.
Door / Window Sensors 3 3 3
Motion Sensor 1 1 1
Keyfob 1 1 1
Two-Way Voice Yes No No
Landline Required* Yes Yes No
Built-in Cell Device** No No Yes
Setup Fee $99 $99 $Call for Details
Monthly Rates $42.99 $36.99 $Call for Details

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ADT's Two-Way Voice

Customers in Melbourne FL can now enjoy ADT's popular two-way voice package. This system is convenient in any home, but is especially helpful in homes with disabled or elderly occupants. It offers peace of mind, knowing that in the case of an accident or emergency, assistance is right there. Get more information at Home Security in Winter Haven.

With the two-way voice system, you:

  • Get hands-free control
  • Only need to use your normal talking voice
  • Communicate directly with a live ADT dispatcher
  • Receive a 75-foot range away from your control panel

With the excellent clarity it possesses, your ADT monitor is 7 times more sensitive than a baby monitor. Even if you are 75 feet from the control panel, an ADT dispatcher will be able to hear activity in your FL home in order to help assess your needs. Based on what dispatchers hear in your FL home, they will send the appropriate emergency personnel to your FL home. See Home Security in Largo for further information. According to the National Safety Council, over half of deaths from injury and 75% of disabling injuries happen right in the home, so two-way voice can be very important.

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ADT Benefits

ADT is known for its many benefits. Some of the benefits customers of FL can count on include free home security equipment, 24/7 alarm system monitoring, fast emergency response, professional installation and the 3 famous ADT guarantees*. ADT will provide FL customers with high quality home security. For local service in Melbourne FL, call ADT, America's #1 home security provider today.

Save Money with ADT's 3 Guarantees*

  1. Six-month money back guarantee
  2. May save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance
  3. May receive up to $500 on your insurance deductible in the rare event of a break-in

General Home Security Tips

  • Garage Doors With multiple locks and bracing, treat inside garage doors the same as an outside door.
  • Don't Leave a Recorded Away Message Don't leave a recorded message on your home phone that you are out of town. You should simply state in the message that you can't make it to the phone. More tips at Home Security in Lakeland.
  • Plant Rosebushes or Hedges Plant rosebushes or hedges in front of any windows that may be easy to break into.
  • Use Fire-Resistant Materials Make sure that all roofing materials are fire-resistant in the construction or renovation of your home.
  • Make Street Address Visible So that firefighters can easily find your home in the event of an emergency, make sure that your street address is visible. Also, take a look at Home Security in Bradenton.

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